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How to fix Samsung TV Error Code 189

How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Error Code 189

Things DiscussedError Code 189
How to FixUpdate Samsung Smart TV or Change Samsung TV Account
What is the ReasonUnable to Connect to Samsung Server
Unstable Internet Connection
Preventive MeasuresUpdate your Samsung Smart TV to the earliest
Always use the stable internet connection

Samsung Smart TV will display error code 189 due to some software issues. If you are using the older version of Tizen OS, you will get the error code 189 on your Samsung Smart TV. To fix the error code, you need to update your Samsung Smart TV.

Reasons For Samsung Smart TV Error Code 189?

Error code 189 on Samsung TV indicates that the TV is not connecting to Samsung servers. The error may happen because of an outdated TV version, when Samsung servers are down, or the internet connection is unstable.

Steps to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 189

To fix the error code 189 on your Samsung Smart TV, there are four major solutions.

  • Check Samsung Servers
  • Check Internet Connection
  • Update Samsung Smart TV
  • Change your Samsung TV account
  • Creating a new Samsung account

Check Samsung Servers

Before performing any troubleshooting, check whether the Samsung servers are working fine. You can check the status of the Samsung server from its website. On the website, you can get additional details about the server. If there is an issue with the server, wait until the issue is resolved.

Check Internet Connection

The internet is one of the major things for Smart TVs. Connect your Samsung TV to a stable internet connection. We suggest using only the router connections. Don’t use your smartphone or PC’s hotspot on your Samsung TV. And, if there is any VPN connection integrated with the router, your Samsung TV will have some performance issues. It is recommended to use at least a 5 Mbps internet connection for Samsung TVs.

Update Samsung Smart TV

Using the older version of Tizen OS is the major reason for error code 189. With the older version, you might have some minor software bugs, incompatible apps, or some performance issues. Update your Samsung Smart TV when it is available.

1: Turn on your TV and press the Home button on your TV remote.

2: On your home screen, select the Settings icon.

3: In the next step, select the Support option.

4: Select the Software update option.

5: Now, tap the Update now button to start the update.

Click Update Now to update your Samsung TV

6: After the update, the error code 189 will be resolved.

If you are unsure about your Samsung TV updates, check the latest version from the Samsung Developer website. As of now (Nov 2022), the latest version available for Samsung TVs is Tizen 6.0.

Sign Out of Your Samsung TV Account

Sometimes, even with the latest Tizen OS, you will get the error code 189. This is due to some issues with the Samsung TV account. By changing the Samsung account on your TV, you might fix this error code.

1: Go to the Samsung Account website and sign in with the account that you are using on your TV.

2: Navigate to the Profile settings and change the password of your account.

3: Once you change the password, the account will be removed from your TV.

4: Press the Home button on your TV remote.

5: Now, select the Settings option.

6: Select the System Manager option under the General tab.

Select System Manger option

7: Now, choose the Samsung Account.

8: Press Add account option.

Steps to open Samsung account

6: Tap the Sign In button and sign in with your new credentials.

7: With this, error code 189 will be resolved. If you still get the error code, you need to create a new Samsung account.

Creating a New Samsung Account

There are chances that your Samsung account might get affected. If that is the case, you need to create a new Samsung account to fix the error code.

1: In the home screen of your TV, select the Settings option.

Open Settings option for fixing Samsung TV error code 189

2: In the Settings section, select the General option.

3: Choose the System Manager feature.

3: Select the Add Account option.

4: In the next step, select the Create a New Account option.

Click on Create account and fix your Samsung TV error code 189

5: Now enter all the necessary information and agree to the user agreements.

6: After following the instruction, select the Create account button.

7: Click the Done button on the screen.

8: Now, your Samsung TV will run in a new account.

Common Fixes

Other than the above-mentioned troubleshooting, you can follow some of the common fixes to resolve the error code.

Restart Router: If you have any issues with the router, restart the router. You can also contact your ISP to fix the issue on the router.

Restart Samsung Smart TV: Restart the TV might fix some of the performance issues. Restarting the TV is a temporary fix for the issue.

Reset Samsung Smart TV: Resetting the Samsung TV will fix all the software issues. With that, error code 189 will be resolved.

You can try these common fixes for all the issues on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Prevent Error Code 189

The best way to prevent error code 189 is by updating the TV to its latest version as soon as the update is available. You can also enable the Auto Update feature to update your TV automatically.

In the case of the account used on your Samsung TV, don’t use that account on any other social media platforms. Keep a separate account for Samsung TV. This will prevent your account from unnecessary emails and spam.

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