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How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Blurry Screen

In some specific Samsung TV models (QLED models), a lot of users are reporting that the TV screen is too blurry. If you have this blurry screen issue on your Samsung TV, you can easily fix the issue.

Reasons for Blurry Screen on Samsung TV

Several reasons can cause blurriness on your Samsung TV. Some of the reasons like

  • Incorrect Picture Settings
  • Bug in TV Software
  • Bad HDMI Cable (Samsung HDMI Cables recommended)
  • Zoomed TV settings
  • The set-top box is not suitable for your TV resolution
  • Watching low-resolution content
  • Bad Weather

To fix the issues, try the solutions mentioned below one by one.

Check the Cables

Sometimes the blurry screen may occur due to some loose connection between your TV and HDMI cables. You need to check the connecting cables

1: Turn off the TV and start plugging out the cable from your TV.

2: Now, remove the HDMI cables and connect them back to your TV.

3: Make sure that the cable is not damaged. For better performance, we suggest you use Samsung HDMI cables.

4: After connecting all cables back to the TV, turn on your TV. The blurriness will be removed. If not, go to the next solution.

Change Aspect Ratio

The Aspect Ratio can change your Samsung TV resolution. Changing the resolution will affect the TV picture settings a lot. So, choose the resolution that suits your TV screen.

1: Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.

2: In the home screen, select the Settings option.

3: Select the Picture tab from the Settings option.

4: In the next step, select the Picture mode option and select the Picture Size Settings option.

5: In the list of aspect ratios, select 16:9 Standard. This will suit all the models of Samsung TVs.

Select an Aspect ratio on Samsung TV

6: After changing, check whether your TV screen is blurry.

7: If you still have the blur issue, you can change some of the features on your Samsung TV to fix the issue.

Turn On Auto Motion Plus

Auto Motion Plus is the Motion Blur feature on your Samsung TV. Enabling the feature will reduce the blurriness on your Smart TV. Turning on this feature might help fix the Blurry screen on your Samsung TV.

1: Using your TV remote, press the Home button.

2: Now, select the Settings option on the home screen.

3: In the list of options, select the Picture option.

4: Then select the Expert Settings option.

Click on Expert Settings

5: Select Auto Motion Plus Settings (Picture Clarity Setting).

Select Auto Motion Plus settings to fix Samsung TV blurry screen

6: Turn on the feature if it’s off. Now, the blurriness issues will be resolved. If not, turn off the Digital Noise Reduction.

Turn Off Digital Noise Reduction

With the Digital Noise Reduction turned on, the feature will reduce the natural image, lighting levels, and sharpness on your TV. This might be one of the reasons for your Samsung TV’s blurry screen. Turn off this feature to fix your blurry TV screen.

1: Visit the Settings option on your TV.

2: Select the Picture option from the list.

3: Choose the Digital Clean View option.

Select Digital cleaning view option

4: Turn off the feature.

Turn off Digital cleaning view to fix blurry screen on Samsung TV

5: If you still have issues, you can power cycle the TV.

Power Cycle your Samsung TV

The Power Cycle is one of the methods that fix every software issue in a Smart TV.

1: Turn off your TV using the TV remote.

2: Now, plug out the TV cable from the power socket.

3: Leave the TV idle for 2 to 5 minutes and plug back the cable into your TV.

4: Turn on the TV and check whether the fix has worked.

Perform a Picture Test

If you still see the blurred screen, you can perform a picture test on your Samsung TV. By doing this, your TV will perform troubleshooting within the system and find out what the problem is.

1: Go to the Home screen of your TV and select the Settings option.

2: Select the Support tab on the left.

3: Choose the Device Care option.

Click Device Care option

4: Then select the Self-Diagnosis option.

5: Choose the Video Test option.

Click on Video Test option

6: If you see the blur picture again, select Yes. If not, select No in the pop-up.

7: You can also click the Picture Test to get more details.

8: After the test ends, your TV will show if there is a problem with your TV. If it is a hardware issue, you need to contact Samsung Support.

Reset Picture Settings

Sometimes the Picture settings might be the problem for the blurriness. To fix this, you can reset your Picture settings.

1: Using your TV remote, visit the Settings option.

2: Now select the Picture tab from the left.

3: Under Picture, scroll down and select the Expert Settings option.

4: In the next step, select the Reset picture option.

Stepps to fix blurry screen on Samsung TV

5: Now, all the picture customization will be reset to default. This will fix the blurry TV screen issue.

Factory Reset

If all the above fixes don’t work, then you can factory reset your Samsung TV to fix the blurry screen.

1: On your TV, go to the Home screen and select the Settings option.

2: Now select the General option from the list of options.

3: Under the General section, scroll down and select the Reset option.

Click Reset to fix your Samsung TV blurry screen

4: Then, enter your TV pin on the respective field and start resetting your TV.

Enter the password to reset Samsung TV

5: After finishing the reset of your TV, check whether the fix has worked on your TV.

By following the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, you can fix your Samsung TV’s blurry screen within minutes. Are you able to solve the blurry screen issue on your TV? If yes, mention the fix that worked for you in the comments section.

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