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Where is the Camera on Samsung Smart TV

Topic DiscussedCamera (Built-in and External)
LocationTop center of the Samsung TV’s bezel

Samsung F series Smart TV F are the only TVs that offer a built-in camera. In the Samsung Smart TV F series lineup, you have six models (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 series). Only the 7, 8, and 9 series of TVs have a built-in camera. For other models, you need to buy an external camera.

Where is the Camera on the Samsung F Series Smart TV

The camera on Samsung Smart TV is in the top center of the TV’s bezel. If you use this camera, it will be easier to make video calls to your families and attend business meetings. Along with the camera, you can find two microphones. One microphone is located at the bottom of the TV screen, and the other one is on the Samsung TV remote.

Built-In Camera

Where is the Camera on Samsung Smart TV

A built-in pop-up camera is available in the Samsung TVs 7, 8, and 9 F Series. There is an option to extend and retract the built-in camera on Samsung Smart TV. You have to gently push the camera without touching the lens to activate the camera on your TV. If you want to hide the camera, just push it gently until you hear a click. The camera will be retracted. When the camera is not active, you cannot use the motion recognition and face recognition features.

External Camera

Where is the Camera on Samsung Smart TV

In the older Samsung Smart TV, you have to buy external cameras to have video calls. We suggest you buy only the Samsung recommended camera, the Samsung VG-STC4000 Skype TV Camera with FULL HD. You can also use the camera from other brands, but you won’t get the same performance. You can use a USB cable to connect the external web camera to your TV.

Is the Camera Needed on Smart TVs?

As we are the people who are always talking about Smart TVs, we think that the camera is an extra accessory on a Smart TV. You can use your smartphone or PC for video calling purchases. The camera on a Smart TV is prone to damage. If you have the latest version of the Samsung F Series Smart TV, take extra care with the camera. If you are using external cameras, unplug them when it is not needed.

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