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How to Set Up Sleep Timer on Samsung Smart TV

Feature DiscussedSleep Timer
How to EnableFrom the System Manager settings
Alternative waysThe Sleep button on the remote (Older Models)

The Sleep Timer is a function that powers off the TV automatically after a specified time. This function shows how long your device will be running before entering into the Power-Saving mode. You can wake up your Samsung TV from the Sleep Timer by simply pressing the Power button.

How to Turn On Sleep Timer on Samsung Smart TV

The Sleep Timer feature will be really helpful when you are watching a movie marathon or binge-watching your favorite series. When you fall asleep, your TV will automatically turn off at the specified time.

1. Click on the Settings icon from your Samsung TV home screen.

2. You can also press the Settings button on your remote to enter the Settings menu.

3. Choose General from the settings page.

4. Select System Manager from the General settings. In some models of Samsung TV, you have to open teh Privacy option to get the System Manager settings.

System Manager Settings.

5. Now, choose Time.

6. You can find the Sleep Timer turned off by default.

Turn On Sleep Timer on Samsung TV

7. Choose the time you want and click the OK button on your Samsung TV remote.

8. To turn off the feature, you must navigate to the Settings menu and turn it off. There is no shortcut available to access the Sleep Timer on Samsung Smart TV.

How to Enable Sleep Timer on Samsung Smart TV [Older Models]

In the older models of Samsung TVs, you will have a dedicated Sleep Timer button on the remote to access the feature. You can just click the button to open the Sleep Timer settings. When the Sleep Timer is turned on, you can click the Sleep Timer to change the timings. The sleep timer changes in 10 → 20 → 30 → 60 → 90 → 120 → 150 → Off sequence. You can choose the preferred time limit to turn off your TV.

Sleep Timer Failures

A lot of users are complaining that in the latest models of Samsung Smart TVs, they have to go all the way to the System Manager Settings menu. If you have chosen the wrong time, you have to go to the System Manager Settings to change the time. In the older models of Samsung TVs, you can enable or disable the Sleep Timer with a single click. Though the new version is superior to the old ones, a lot of shortcuts are missing in the new TVs.

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