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How to Enable Game Mode on Samsung Smart TV

Feature DiscussedGame Mode
How to turn it onIn the Connection Settings menu
Game Mode Issues on Samsung TVUse the correct HDMI (HDMI 2.1) port

In Samsung Smart TVs, you can play high-end games (PC and console games) with ease. In the 2022 models of Samsung Smart TVs, you have the dedicated Samsung Gaming Hub to play high-end games without connecting to the console. But for older Samsung TV models, you have to enable Game Mode to play high-end games.

Steps to Enable Game Mode on Samsung TV [2022 Models]

The games available on the Smart Hub Store don’t need the Game Mode feature. You can play those games in the normal mode. But, connecting gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo to your Samsung TV, you need to enable the Game Mode to get the best video output.

1. Press the Home Button on your Samsung TV remote.

2. Click on the Menu icon.

Click on the Menu icon

3. Now, select the Settings icon and click on All Settings.

4. Select Connection from the Settings page.

5. Choose the Game Mode Settings.

Enter into the Game Mode Settings

6. Click on Game Mode and turn it on.

Turn on Game Mode

2017-2021 Models

If you own Samsung Smart TVs that were manufactured from 2017 to 2021 models, you can follow the below steps to turn on the Game Mode.

1. Press the Home Button on your Samsung TV remote.

2. Click on the Settings icon from the home page.

Click on the Settings icon

3. Now, select General settings and click on External Device Manager.

Click on External Device Manager

4. Scroll down and select Game Mode Settings.

Select Game Mode Settings

5. Click on Game Mode and turn it on.

Turn On Game Mode on Samsung TV.

How to Enable Game Mode on Samsung TV [Older Models]

For Samsung TVs that are manufactured in 2016 or before, you have to enable the Game Mode in the General menu.

1. On the home screen, choose the System menu.

2. Select the General option from the System menu.

3. Navigate to the Game Mode and turn on the toggle.

In some models of Samsung TVs, you have to navigate to Settings โ†’ Picture โ†’ Viewing Mode โ†’ Game Mode to turn it on.

Game Mode Settings on Samsung TV

Based on your Samsung TV models, you will get different customization options in the Game Mode. You can customize those settings based on your preferences.

  • Game Motion Plus – This will enhance the clarity of fast-moving images. For role-playing and adventure games, turn on this feature for a better gaming experience.
  • Blur Reduction – As with the name, this will reduce the blurriness in images.
  • Judder Reduction – This will ease uneven visual processing by reducing the vibrations.
  • LED Clear Motion – Sharpen the fast-moving images by customizing the LED backlight.

Things to Consider on Game Mode

Game Mode is recommended only for gaming purposes. When you watch a movie or series on your TV with the Game Mode, you will experience some blurriness on the video, especially on the slow-moving objects with long-exposure shots. So, before enabling the Game Mode, consider the below-mentioned advantages and disadvantages.

When Game Mode is enabled, both the Picture and Sound settings will be tuned to game-preferred settings.Game Mode works only on HDMI 2.1
When you connect a gaming console to your TV, Game Mode will be enabled automatically (it needs to be manually activated for the first time).When using streaming apps with Game Mode, the video will look shaky.
If you connect an external device like soundbars using the same HDMI 2.1 input, the Game Mode will be activated automatically.

Game Mode Not Available on Samsung TV

If you can’t turn on the Game Mode on your Samsung TV, there is only one reason. The gaming console is not connected to the HDMI 2.1 port. In Samsung Smart TVs, you have four HDMI ports. Among those four, only one port is HDMI 2.1. While connecting the gaming console, make sure you use the 2.1 port. In general, the HDMI 2.1 port is mentioned with the 2.1 labels or the gaming controller icon. And make sure that the HDMI cable you are using is not damaged.

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