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Samsung Smart TV Secret Menu for Bluetooth: How to Use

Topic DiscussedSecret Menu and Bluetooth
How to Activate Secret MenuMute → 1 → 2 → 8 → Power
How to Enable BluetoothEngineering Options → BT Support → ON.

The Secret Menu on Samsung Smart TV has many hidden features. Using the Secret Menu, you can enable or disable key features on your Samsung Smart TV. If the Bluetooth function is not working on your Samsung Smart TV, you can check the Bluetooth feature on the Secret Menu to fix the issue.

How to Activate Secret Menu on Samsung TV

There is no in-built option on your Samsung Smart TV to get into the Secret Menu. To enter the Secret Menu, you must use a set of key combinations on your Samsung TV remote.

1. Press the Home button on the remote to get the Samsung TV’s home screen.

2. Now, you have to press the key combinations Mute 1 82Power button. For the Smart remote, you can’t access the Secret Menu on Samsung TV.

3. After a few seconds, you can see the Secret Menu on your Samsung TV screen.

While using the key combinations, ensure you are not long pressing any buttons. Repeat the process if you do not see any secret menu on your TV screen.

Enable Bluetooth on Samsung Smart TV Using Secret Menu

When you enter the Secret Menu, you can enable Bluetooth by navigating into the Engineering Option.

1. Scroll down the Options on the secret menu.

2. Locate the Engineering Option and press Enter.

Engineering option on Samsung Smart TV secret menu.

3. In the Engineering Options menu, select BT Support.

5. Turn on the BT Support if it is turned off or disabled.

Enable BT Support on Samsung Smart TV Secret menu.

6. Now, exit the screen and turn off your Samsung TV.

7. Turn on your Samsung TV and check whether the Bluetooth option is available in the Settings menu.

How to Use Bluetooth on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs are equipped with BT 5.0 support. With that, you can pair any BT device to your Samsung Smart TV.

1. Ensure that the Bluetooth feature on your Samsung TV is turned on.

2. Now, press the Home Button on your remote.

3. Select the Settings icon and click on the Display option.

4. From there, select Sound followed by Sound Output.

5. Select the Bluetooth Speaker List to get all the available Bluetooth devices. If the device is not listed, ensure that the pairing mode is enabled on the device.

Pair Bluetooth on Samsung Smart TV.

6. Choose the Bluetooth device that you want to pair.

7. After choosing the device, click on Pair and Connect.

8. Allow all the permission on your device and complete the process.

9. After the BT device is connected, you can access it without any issues.


1. Is using Secret Menu on Samsung TV safe?

The Secret Menu is for service purposes. If you change any settings on the Secret Menu unknowingly, it will affect the TV’s software.

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