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How to Update Samsung TV

How to Update Samsung Smart TV

Every Smart TV needs to be updated regularly for seamless streaming, new features, and bug fixes. In Samsung Smart TV, you have two different ways to update the TV. You can use the TV’s Settings menu to update the TV directly. If you have any issues with the internet connection, you need to update your Samsung Smart TV using the USB drive.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV Using Settings

If you want to update your Samsung Smart TV directly, you can use the TV settings menu. To update Samsung TV in this method, you need to have a stable WiFi connection. If you have any issues with the internet connection, skip to the next method.

1: Turn on your TV using your TV remote and connect it to a WiFi network.

2: Now, press the Home button on your TV remote to visit the Home screen of the TV.

3: On the home screen, select the Settings menu.

Click Settings button on Samsung TV

4: Inside the Settings menu, select the Support option.

5: Inside the Support tab, select the Software Update option. (If the Software Update option is unavailable, change the TV input and try again).

6: Then, select the Update Now option.

Click Update now button

7: Your TV will start downloading the new update. It takes a few minutes to update to the new firmware.

8: After the update, your Samsung TV will restart. If not, restart the TV manually.

9: Now, you can use your Samsung Smart TV with the new firmware.

10: If you want, you can enable the Auto Update feature to update the TV automatically. You can turn on the Auto Update toggle from the Software Update menu.

How Auto Update Works on Samsung Smart TV

If you enable the Auto Update toggle on your Samsung Smart TV, it will download the new update in the background. When the update is downloaded completely, it will be installed automatically in the background or when the TV is in standby mode. If you are using your TV when new firmware is installing in the background, it will be paused. Then it will continue again when the TV is in standby mode. In this way, you won’t be disturbed by the new update. When the new update is installed completely, you will get all the new features.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV Using USB Drive

If your Samsung TV is not connecting to the internet or your TV shows an error code of 107 while connecting to the internet, you can update your Samsung TV using a USB drive. With the USB drive, you can update your TV without connecting to the internet. Make sure that the USB you are using is formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 (for FHD TVs) and FAT or NTFS (for QLED & SUHD TVs).

1: Using a PC, open a web browser and visit the Samsung TV Support page.

2: On the Support page, select the TV & AV menu and click on your TV model. (To find your TV model number, select Settings → Support → About this TV).

Click on TV & AV button

3: Scroll down to the webpage and click the Download button under the Upgrade File (USB type).

Click Download button on the website

4: Save the downloaded Firmware file on your PC and extract it. While extracting, don’t change the name of the file.

5: Now, copy the extracted .zip file onto a USB drive. The destination of the file on your USB drive should be like this: USB ROOT > T-KTSUABC (Firmware Name) > IMAGE > upgrade.msd.

6: After that, turn on your TV and connect your USB drive to the back of the TV.

7: Open the TV Settings and follow the direct update steps of your TV.

8: After clicking Update Now, your Samsung TV will detect the USB drive. A pop-up will display on your TV.

9: The TV will ask you to search for the firmware file on the USB drive. To this, click Yes and wait for a moment.

Click Yes on the Pop-up

10: Your TV will find the firmware file from the USB drive and start updating the TV.

Update Samsung TV using USB

11: If the TV doesn’t find the firmware file, format the USB drive and try again.

These are the two ways to update a Samsung Smart TV firmware from the old to the new one. If you have any network issues on your Samsung TV, follow the USB drive method and update the TV. After updating the TV, the internet connectivity issue will be fixed.


1. Why can’t I update my Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung won’t release any new updates for the older models of Smart TVs. If you are using those discontinued older models, you can’t update the firmware. You need to buy a new Samsung Smart TV.

2. What is the latest version available for Samsung Smart TV?

As of 06th December 2022, the latest version available for Samsung Smart TV is Tizen 7.0.

3. How to update apps on Samsung Smart TV?

To update apps on Samsung Smart TV, you can use the Smart Hub.

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