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How to Install Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs has its own app store called Smart Hub Store to install apps and games. There are more than 2700 apps and games available on the Smart Hub. You can install any of those apps and games on your Samsung Smart TV. Before installing the app, make sure that your Samsung TV is compatible with the app using the Samsung App Store website.

Steps to Install Apps on Samsung Smart TV

In all the models of Samsung Smart TV, there will be some pre-installed apps. In most countries, you will get Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as built-in apps. If you want more apps, you can install them from the Smart Hub Store.

1. Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote.

2. Click on the Apps category from the home screen to open the Smart Hub Store.

3. Hit the Search icon and search for the app you want to install.

4. Now, choose the app from the search result.

5. Hit the Install button to get the app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Install the app on your Samsung TV

6. After installing, tap the Open button to launch the app.

How to Activate An App on Samsung Smart TV

For some apps, you need to follow the activation steps to access the video content. The activation steps will vary based on the app you install. Apps like Netflix or Viki on Samsung TV offer a direct sign-in method, where you can enter your credentials directly on the TV. Apps like Fox Sports and Showtime on Samsung Smart TV must be activated using the live TV or cable TV provider. You need to enter the activation code on the Fox Sports activation website. Some apps like Apple TV offers both options. You can either sign in with your account or activate it from the website. So, based on the app, the activation steps will vary.

Steps to Add Apps to Samsung Smart TV Home Screen

The apps that you install manually won’t appear on the home screen by default. Only the pre-installed apps will appear on the home screen. You have to add the apps to your Samsung TV home screen manually.

1. Go to your Samsung TV’s home screen.

2. Navigate to the Apps icon and click on it.

3. Click on the Settings icon from the top-right corner of the screen.

4. You can see the list of applications available on your Samsung TV and choose any one from that.

5. From the options available, click on Add to Home option.

6. If the Add To Home option is not available, then the app is already on the home screen.

Steps to Delete Apps on Samsung Smart TV

In general, Smart TVs won’t offer too much internal storage. With that, you can install only a limited number of apps. If you want to free up some memory on your Samsung Smart TV, you need to delete or uninstall apps from the Samsung Smart TV.

1. Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.

2. Click on the Apps section from the Samsung TV home screen.

3. Select the Settings icon available at the top-right corner of the screen.

4. From the list of installed applications on your Samsung TV, locate the app you want to delete.

5. Certain options will appear below the selected app. From that option, click on Delete.

Choose the app

6. Select Delete to confirm the process again.

Delete apps on Samsung Smart TV

7. You cannot delete any pre-installed apps on your Samsung TV.

Is it Possible to Install Third-Party Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

No, you cannot install third-party apps or sideload applications on your Samsung Smart TV. Since Samsung TV operates on Tizen OS, you can only install the applications available in the Smart Hub. If you want to access the apps that are not available on the Smart Hub, you can use Fire TV Stick on Samsung TV and sideload the apps.


1. How to update apps on Samsung Smart TV?

There are two ways to update apps on your Samsung Smart TV. You can update the apps manually or enable the Auto Update feature to update apps automatically.

2. How to download new apps on older Samsung Smart TVs?

A lot of apps in the Smart Hub are not available for older Samsung TV models. In that case, you can screen mirror the app using your Android smartphone.

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