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How to Connect Antenna to Samsung TV

How to Connect Antenna to Samsung Smart TV

Things DiscussedConnect Antenna
How to ConnectUsing RG6 or F connector cables
How to TuneUsing the Channel Scan option
How to CombineUsing a Coaxial Splitter cable

An antenna is an old-school method of watching TV channels. Yet, Smart TVs are coming the Antenna input port. You can connect the Antenna to your Samsung Smart TV and stream channels. In Samsung Smart TV, you can even scan for cable TV channels using the antenna.

How to Connect Antenna to Samsung Smart TV

By connecting the antenna, you can stream local channels on your Samsung TV.

1: To connect the antenna, buy an RG6 cable and F -type connector from the market.

2: Now, locate the F-type Port on the backside of your TV. The connection port will be named Cable or Antenna.

3: Now, connect one end of the Coaxial cable to the TV connector and the other to your antenna.

Connect the cable to the backside of the port

4: You need to place the antenna in an open space. If it’s an indoor antenna, keep it near the windows you prefer.

Now your TV is connected to the Antenna. After connecting the Antenna, you need to tune the OTA channels on your Samsung TV.

How to Scan Channels on Samsung Smart TV Using Antenna

The main work of the OTA tuner is to receive the broadcasted signals from local channels and offer them to your TV. You can tune the OTA channels easily using the Input setting on your TV. Here, you can scan the available channels on your cable TV network.

1: On your TV, open the Source option from the Home screen.

2: Select TV as the Source using the options displayed on the TV.

3: Select the Channel Scan option on the TV screen. If there are any issues while scanning the channels or if the Channel Scan button is greyed out, the No signal message will display. Check the cable connection and try agian.

Click Channel Scan option to add channels to your Antenna

4: In the Signal source, select Air or Cable. You can also choose Both.

Select Air or Cable to scan channels on your Samsung TV antenna

5: The scanning will begin on your TV. You can also switch between channels and add them to your TV.

How to Combine Antenna to your Samsung TV

By combining more than one antenna, you can expand the signal strength and can access other channels in your TV.

1: To connect two antennae, you need to buy a Coaxial splitter which enables you to connect more than one antenna.

Coaxial Splitter to connect two antenna to Samsung TV

2: Now, connect both antennae to the splitter and the rear end to the TV.

3: After connecting both the antenna to your TV, you will get access to more channels.

Advantages of using Antenna

The usage of an Antenna can gain you more advantages when comparing other streaming choices.

  • The antenna signal strength is more viable than an internet connection. If your internet is down and can’t access the streaming service, you can use an antenna signal for entertainment.
  • Comparing the monthly subscription cost streaming services, you can watch channels from an antenna without a monthly fee.
  • You can get a cable TV connection even to a remote areas where WiFi connection is not available.

Follow the above steps and experience the Vintage television feel in your home.

Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is a complimentary app on the latest models of Samsung Smart TVs to stream local channels over the internet. In the Samsung TV Plus, you can add or remove cable TV channels based on your preferences. You don’t need to pay for Samsung TV Plus. It is avaialble as a free service for Samsung TV users.

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