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How to Change Language on Samsung TV

How to Change Language on Samsung Smart TV

Things DiscussedChange Language
How to ChangeUsing the Settings option
Change Netflix LanguageUsing Profile settings
Change YouTube LanguageUsing Language Settings

Every Smart TV comes up with a load of features that differs from brand to brand. But one common feature that every TV share is the language setting. Using the Language settings, you can change your TV menu language for better understanding. In Samsung Smart TV, you can change the language based on your TV models and the manufacturing year.

How to Change Language on Samsung TV Models

If you want to change the language of your TV, then you need to use the built-in settings. Based on the Samsung TV model, you have to follow a different set of steps.

Change Language on Samsung Smart TV [2017 & Above]

1: Press the Home button on the TV remote.

2: Select the Settings option from the Home screen.

click Settings option

3: Now, select the General option on the left.

4: Under General settings, select the System Manager option.

5: On the next screen, select the Language option and choose your desired language.

Select Language to change menu language on Samsung TV

Change Language on Samsung Smart TV [2016]

1: Grab your Samsung TV remote and press the Settings button.

Press Settings button

2: Now, select the System options from the categories.

3: Under System, select the Expert Settings option.

Click on Expert Settings

4: In the next step, select the Language option.

5: Select your desired language from the list and change it on your TV.

Samsung Smart TV 2015 & Below Models

1: Press the Menu button.

2: Now select the System option on the left.

Select System option to change Language on Samsung TV

3: Under System, scroll down and select the Menu Language option.

Click menu language

4: In the list of available languages, select your desired one.

How to Change Netflix Language on Samsung TV

Like the Samsung TV language settings, you can change the Netflix menu language within the TV itself. All you need is the Netflix app installed and an account signed in on your TV.

1: Open the Netflix app on your Samsung TV.

2: Select any one of your profiles displayed on the screen.

3: Go to your Avatar and select the Account option.

4: Under Account, select Profile and parental controls option.

5: Now, select the drop-down arrow on the profile you want to change the language.

6: Select the Change button on the Language row.

7: From the list of Languages, select the one you want and click the Save button.

Select one to change Netflix language on Samsung TV

How to Change YouTube Language on Samsung TV

1: Open the YouTube app on your Samsung TV.

2: Select the Settings option on the app.

3: Choose the Language option under Language and location menu.

Click Language option on YouTube settings

4: On the right side of the screen, select the Pencil button.

5: Select any language you want and change the YouTube language.

Select any one language from the list

By following the above steps, you can change the languages and make your Samsung TV better for your usage. Changing the app’s language will only change the language in the specific app’s menu. Similarly, changing the TV’s language won’t affect the app’s language.

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