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How to Enable Filmmaker Mode on Samsung Smart TV

Things DiscussedFilmmaker Mode
How to getEnable in the Picture settings
What is it forTo get theatre experience on TV

Filmmaker Mode adjusts your TV settings to make the movies look more cinematic. It gives the best experience. It works on HD TVs and 4K TVs. Samsung announces that all the QLED TV models from 2022 will come with the Filmmaker Mode.

Features of Filmmaker Mode

  • The mode will disable the motion smoothing, allowing you to get the best picture quality.
  • It disables all the processing of SDR and HDR content.
  • Filmmaker mode preserves the exact proportion to give the user the cinematic experience.
Filmmaker Mode difference.

Steps to Enable Filmmaker Mode on Samsung Smart TV

1. Go to your Samsung TV home screen.

2. Select the Settings icon and click on All Settings.

3. Choose Picture settings.

4. Click on the Picture Mode option.

 Enable Filmmaker Mode on Samsung TV

5. Now, turn on the Filmmaker Mode. You can turn it off at any time you want.

Most of the HDR content is interesting to watch in a dark room. But the same content cannot be watched in a room full of lights. The Filmmaker mode allows users to watch movies without turning off the lights. Additionally, if you have installed the Amazon Prime Video app on your Samsung QLED TV, you can watch all the video content in Filmmaker Mode.

When your TV possesses HDR or HDR+ features, there is no need to use Filmmaker Mode. The settings used on the Filmmaker Mode are the same as HDR settings. But Filmmaker Mode also works with both HDR and SDR formats.

Film Mode vs Filmmaker Mode

Film Mode is available on most Samsung TVs. With the Film Mode, you will get smooth transitions for a video that is processed using the 3:2 pulldown technology. Film Mode can be enabled only for the 480i video mode (used for SD content). For HD and UHD content, you can’t enable the Film Mode. Whereas, Filmmaker Mode is one of the recent advancements which allows you to watch a movie with a cinematic experience. Both are not the same.

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