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How to Use Art Mode on Samsung Smart TV

Content DiscussedArt Mode
PurposeSet the artwork as the screensaver
How to EnablePress the Power button on the remote
How to UseFrom Art Store

If you want beautiful artwork as the screensaver on your Samsung Frame TV, you can create it using Art Mode. In Art Mode, the color and tone of the display adjust with the ambient lighting of the room. If the motion sensor detects any movement, it will turn off the Art Mode. With the Art Mode on your Samsung Smart TV, your TV will look like a photo frame.

How to Enable Art Mode on Samsung TV

The Art Mode is available only on Samsung Frame TV models. In the other models, you can use the Screensaver feature.

1. Press the Power Button on your OneRemote.

2. Your Samsung TV will automatically shift from TV mode to Art mode.

3. After entering Art Mode, press the Center button.

4. Select the Art Store from the top left corner.

5. Sign in with your Samsung Account.

Sign in with your Samsung Account

6. Now, navigate to the Membership and click on Get Trial Membership.

Click on Get Trial Membership

7. Choose any designs from the screen and click on Details.

Choose any designs to Use Art Mode on Samsung Smart TV

8. Now, select Set, and the content will start downloading.

Select Set

9. The Samsung Checkout screen will appear.

10. From there, choose your payment method.

Choose your favorite payment method.

11. Enter the payment details and click on Done.

Click on Done to Use Art Mode on Samsung Smart TV

12. Now, you can use the art as a screensaver on your Samsung Frame TV.

Get Coupon Using Samsung Promotion App

All the art available in the Art Mode can only be purchased by subscription. But by using the Samsung Promotion app, you can get free coupons and discounts for Art Mode.

1. Click on the Apps tile from the Smart Hub Panel.

2. Search and install the Samsung Promotion App.

Install the Samsung Promotion App

3. Open the app and sign in using your Samsung ID.

4. Purchase any art from the app and get discounts.

Steps to Use Art Store Menu on Samsung TV

1. Go to the Art Store on your Samsung TV.

2. In the menu, you can see all the recent designs you have used earlier.

3. There, you can see the options like Spotlight, Popular, Curations, Partners, Medium, Subject, and more. Pick up your favorite artwork and click on Set.

4. Click on My Collection to see all the designs you saved as favorites. To add art to My Collection, tap on the Heart symbol.

5. You can also search for the designs that you want.

6. Tap the News & Events to get new updates about all the artworks.

7. In the Settings option, you can modify Brightness, Color Tone, Night Mode, Motion Detection, and Sleep options.

Steps to Upload Own Artwork in Samsung TV Art Mode

There are two methods to upload your artwork to your Samsung TV. One is by using the SmartThings app, and the other by using the USB Thumb Drive. While creating the artwork, ensure it fits into your Samsung TV screen.

Using SmarThings App

1. Open SmartThings app on your smartphone.

2. Connect with your Samsung TV.

3. Click on your TV’s name and select Art Mode.

4. Select Add Your Photos option.

5. Now, choose any picture from your Frame TV Album.

6. Make the necessary changes and click on Set.

7. The image that you chose will appear on your Samsung TV instantly.

Using USB Thumb Drive

If you do not prefer using the app, just connect the USB drive to the USB port of your Samsung TV. Make sure that you have saved all the designs that you want. Open the USB folder and choose the picture that you want.

Art Mode vs. Ambient Mode

Many Samsung TV users will get confused with the Art Mode and Ambient Mode on Samsung TV. There is a big difference between them. An important difference is that the Ambient Mode is not as energy efficient as the Art Mode. Despite that, there is a similarity between them. Both functions analyze the inactivity and bring up the screensaver on Samsung TV.

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